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Empire Axe Pro Review

Empire Axe Pro Review

Empire Axe Pro Review

The 2015 Empire Axe Pro (see lowest price) is a newly released paintball marker from Empire Paintball. The Pro is a refresh of the old Empire Axe, an already wildly popular paintball gun for professional and tournament players. Empire has taken all the player feedback they received from the Axe and implemented those improvements on the Axe Pro. The Axe Pro has some significant improvements over the original Axe. It shoots smoother, has better ergonomics and is lighter than the original Axe. The Axe Pro fixed all the problems that players might have had with the old Axe. These improvements and new features make the Empire Axe Pro one of the most anticipated paintball guns in 2015. Let’s take a closer look at some of the improvements and features in this Empire Axe Pro review.


  • Really good ergonomics
  • Redline OLED is the best in the market right now
  • Amazing quality and reliability
  • Smooth shooting
  • Very sleek design
  • Very easy to perform clean and maintain
  • Very high resale value


  • None right now!

New Empire Axe Pro Features

Below are some of the notable new features and improvements to the Empire Axe Pro. We will go into detail some of the features we think are be best additions to the marker.

  • Full feature Redline OLED with Enhanced Support
  • Consolidated Screw Sizes
  • Revamped Grip Frame Design for Improved Comfort
  • Improved Relay ASA
  • Improved Overall Marker Ergonomics
  • Quick Release Bolt Removal System
  • Easy Trigger Pin Removal for Quick Maintenance

Redline OLED Board

The Redline OLED Board gives players so much more ways to program your marker and fine tune it to their liking. The LED screen does its job at giving good feedback and you don’t have to count flashes anymore. With this board, you can know exactly which setting your are shooting at. The exterior controls makes it easy to run your settings without having to remove any covers. Overall, this is a very valuable addition to the Axe and adds so much functionality to it.

Sleek Design

This is not much of a feature but more of the look and aesthetics of the gun. The Axe Pro has a very sleek design and it is one of the best looking paintball guns we have reviewed. Instead of sharp angles, the Axe Pro now has more curves to make it more streamlined. They also have a whole new array of colors to complement the update as well.

What’s Different Between the Original Axe and the Axe Pro?

 AxeAxe Pro
Weight~2.5 lbs~2.2 lbs
Air SystemHPAHPA
Barrel LengthStandard Aluminum Barrel
12 inches
Empire Driver XX Barrel
14 inches
Maintenance Tool-less Bolt Removal
Use Spring Detents
Push-Button Bolt Removal
New True Detents to Access Eyes

EyesBreak Beam Anti-Chop
Requires disassembly
New Double Eyes
Externally serviceable
Operating Pressure200 psi200 psi


The Axe weights in at around 2.5 lbs while the Axe Pro is significantly lighter at around 2.2 lbs. Even with the new added features, Empire still managed to reduce the weight.


Driver XX 2 Piece BarrelThe Axe Pro now has the new Empire Driver XX barrel compared to the Axe’s old aluminum barrel. The Drive XX barrel is a very good barrel because it has a 7.5 inch control bore that significantly increases the accuracy of the marker. This is a huge improvement because now you don’t have to go buy another barrel for your Axe.


The Axe Pro now has more room around the fore-grips. With the Axe, there was no space between the trigger and the fore-grip. It’s now really easy to actually grip the marker. The overall feel of the Axe Pro has also improved. The skin has a little more traction so it feels more secure in your hands. The relay ASA that is used on both markers is now smaller and lighter on the Axe Pro.


There were a lot of changes to making maintenance easier than before. The Axe Pro now has a one step push-button bolt removal system. It’s even easier than the original Axe’s bolt removal system where you had to twist the knob while pushing on the button. This new system only requires you to push on the button. The spring detents that were used in the original Axe are now replaced with true detents that also allow easy access to the eyes. This system is so much easier to clean too.

Unboxing the Empire Axe Pro

Empire Axe Pro UnboxingThe Axe Pro comes in a nice foam packaging in designed to keep the gun protected during shipping. You get two slots for the two parts of the barrel. There are also more slots for control boards if you decide to upgrade. On the top is a barrel bag and a plastic container with all your spare parts. Inside there is lube, two Allen wrenches, and spare springs. Overall, this is a pretty basic box for a relatively expensive marker.


  • Electro-Pneumatic
  • Dust/Silver, Dust Blue, Dust Black
  • .68 Caliber
  • 200 PSI Operating Pressure
  • Uses HPA
  • 14 inch Barrel
  • Weights 2.2 lbs
  • Up to 25 Balls Per Second

Professional Performance

We were very excited to test out the Axe Pro. The Axe was already such a fantastic marker we coulndn’t wait to see how well the Axe Pro performs. In our test, we used a 45/4,500 psi Ninja HPA tank on the Axe Pro and was able to shoot off 1,350 balls. The Axe Pro started off with 293 FPS in the first couple of rounds but dropped off to around 250 FPS towards the end.

The new Axe Pro should feels and shoots just like the old Axe but noticeably smoother and quieter. The improved grip and trigger frame really improved the ergonomics of the whole marker. The lighter weight makes holding the gun for long periods of time more bearable and easier to pivot. Running and rolling with the gun is also more efficient because of the slightly smaller size. We really saw a dramatic improvement in shooting with the new barrel. We were hitting targets that we couldn’t hit with the Axe.

Made for a Pro

Overall, this is a very nice upgrade of an already high quality gun. Empire is known for making high quality tournament level paintball markers and the Axe Pro is no exception. If you are ready to upgrade from the old Axe or looking to dominate in a tournament, make sure you give the Empire Axe Pro a try.

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