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GOG eNMEy Review

GoG eNMEy Review


The GoG eNMEy (see lowest price) is an entry level mechanical paintball gun released by GoG in 2012. The eNMEy is a great introductory paintball marker because of it’s packed full of features and is also really affordable. It really redefines what an entry level paintball gun can do. The eNMEy directly competes with the Tippmann 98 and the Spyder Fenix.  It comes in two variants, the .68 caliber and .50 caliber. For this review, we will only discuss the .68 caliber variant.


  • Lightweight
  • Very reliable and consistent for a beginner marker
  • Shoots very smoothly and quietly
  • Very low recoil


  • None!


  • New Metal Reinforced Solenoid Increases Durability
  • Vertical Regulator Ensures Stable Pressure for a Smooth Play Experience
  • Spool Valve Design is Perfect For Tournament Play
  • Main Valve and Bolts are Easy to Remove and Clean
  • Made of High Quality Aluminum and Polymer Blend
  • Lifetime Warranty

GoG eNMEy Design

GoG eNMEy Design
GoG eNMEy Design

The GoG eNMEy is very low maintenance and has incredible efficiency. It uses a mechanical spool valve to dramatically reduce the recoil of the gun. It has a single trigger frame with a 45 style design. This paintball marker doesn’t have the most crisp trigger pull but it’s very feels very satisfying when firing it.

The braided hose is made with durable stainless steel and the inline regulator allows for easy velocity adjustment. It’s easy to put in aftermarket parts because how accessible this paintball marker is. The clamping feed neck is made out of glass reinforced nylon as is the trigger frame. The body shell is removable and you can put in a different color shell. A cool feature is you can run liquid CO2 in this marker.

GoG eNMEy Performance

The GoG eNMEy just felt so natural and intuitive to use. We have tested a lot of other mechanical markers but this one felt the best. It shoots really smoothly and we really appreciate how lightweight it feels. The trigger was light and made walking very easy. There wasn’t a lot of kick and you can barely feel the recoil even during continuous shooting. Because of the low recoil, the marker stayed very steady and was very easy to aim. This is one of those few guns where you really can just use it straight out of the box without any upgrades or tweaks.

Let’s go over the technical aspects of our field test. With a standard 20 oz CO2 tank, the marker got off 1,500 rounds. These are very good numbers and for a gun at this price range, it’s incredible.


  • Year Released: 2012
  • Mechanical Marker
  • .68 Caliber
  • Uses a Spool Valve
  • 160 psi Operating Pressure
  • Can Use CO2 or HPA
  • 12 inch Barrel
  • Weighs 1 lb 12 oz
  • Fires up to 9 balls per second

How Do Other Players Rate the eNMEy?

The GoG eNMEy is regarded as one of the best options for beginners. This marker has 16 player reviews on Amazon at the time of writing. Click here to see the full product page and what other players are saying about the eNMEy.

Unboxing the GoG eNMEy

The eNMEy comes in a plastic case that is very easy to open. Just pull apart on the tabs on both side and it comes right off. Inside the plastic package, you’ll find a barrel sleeve, a small one page owners manual, some Allen wrenches and some other spare parts. The actual marker and barrel and also packed closely together in the package. The packaging is very basic and all you need to do to set up the gun is to twist the barrel onto the body.

Easy Maintenance

The GoG eNMEy is also very easy to clean. It only took us around 2 minutes to take the body apart and clean out the internal parts. All we had to do was to remove the barrel, use an Allen wrench to free the back cap, pull out the bolt assembly and wipe down the any dirt and filth. Any beginner should have no trouble at all following the instructions on the manual.

Final Verdict on the eNMEy

The GoG eNMEy is a stellar paintball marker for it’s price range. At around $150, it’s hard to beat the quality and accessibility the eNMEy has to offer. There are also a ton of aftermarket upgrades form both GoG and other third party vendors you can buy to customize your gun. The truth is that the GoG eNMEy simply beats out most paintball markers in this price range. So if you are looking for the best possible paintball marker for around $150, you should definitely give the eNMEy some consideration. It’s versatile enough for both speedball and woodsball.

And the best part? It has a lifetime warranty on all the major components. Thanks for taking the time to read this GoG eNMEy review. We try to make each review as comprehensive as possible to help you decide for yourself which marker you should buy. Click the link below to see the full product page for the GoG eNMEy as well as more reviews.

>Full Product Page and Reviews<


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